$110,000 Bitcoin With Pedro Febrero & Richard Heart, Ethereum, HEX, Blockhain Cryptocurrency

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Pedro Febrero: | | |

Topics: – Intro (earlier initiatives, profitable, unsuccessful)

– Some essential classes discovered throughout life. How to earn cash? Important reads? Who do you follow with or who modified your thoughts in key areas throughout life?

– Before bitcoin tech: is rapacity the intrinsic inducement for btc price-action?

– Stock-to-flow mannequin: will bitcoin ever be valued at 1 sat = 1 cent?

– Most essential aspect of decentralised cash: SoV? Payments? Does it change with time?

– Views on decentralised consensus (gold, hashcash, bitgold)

– Pow: neatest affair on the market? Short-term vs long-term safety

– Bitcoin transferring ahead: how has bitcoin’s tech advanced since inception? Hashrate, mining, community impact

– Ethereum: Bitcoin killer? Or is eth only a token to run dapps? Value preposition dialogue

– Can the agent-based mannequin conception and the speculation of the agency be perfectly discontinuous by Ethereum? If so, how?

– Ethereum and PoS: is scalability actually a problem? Or are we “putting the horses ahead of the wagon?”. Scalability vs safety dialogue.

– Hex: ELI5-style rationalization. Why would anybody need btc on eth? What’s the underlying worth of the token? Devil’s agent

– Hex: how can it create artificial worth? Will it’s the most effective present use-case for the eth token?

– Hex: final aim? Long-term worth secured in Ethereum? Is there an ideal time to change again to eth/btc?

– Any different attention-grabbing initiatives to debate? If there’s time center on Pedro’s initiatives (Bityond, Uni of Huddersfield blockchain analysis, writing for CCN/Coinrivet, betprotocol)

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