1 Bitcoin = $1000000?

Currently we’re seeing the beginning of not simply institutional FOMO but additionally authorities FOMO concerning Bitcoin. In this episode we’ll discus why a $1’000’000 Bitcoin value is sort of inevitable.

00:00 Intro

01:28 Bitcoin Price Update (TA)

03:28 Institutional FOMO

05:31 Government FOMO

07:22 USD Inflation

09:21 Outro


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? PrimeXBT


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? Binance


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1 Bitcoin = $1000000?

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  1. The rich sees an economic crisis as a
    garage sale also the rich stays rich by investing and diversifying their portfolio with stocks, Crypto currency and Forex trading which is the wisest thing every individual needs to do and it's real profiting

  2. Investing in bitcoin is the wisest move to make this current times …bitcoin has made people millionaire and is still gonna make more people rich before 2030

  3. To get rich you need the spend less and invest more,you don't expect to spend 90% and invest 10% and Sit to make more wealth.

  4. That's man is really going viral…. Alot of people asking for his contact… He's financial education seems to be good. A lot of people speaking good about him…

  5. Im worried what bitcoin will do in this cycle… it seems everyone and their mother "knows" it will top out at the end of 2021 at 100k or higher. The market punishes the majority of people most of the time.

  6. meanwhile your average retail people still waiting for retail investor to fomo, not knowing retail money is so irrelevant it wont move the price in comparison to insitution

  7. the only reason michael's tennis friends haven't put a billion dollar in yet is because they dont really understand bitcoin. no one has explained it to them yet, so they dont want to be the sucker and buy something they dont understand and the market crashes afterwards, at least this is what's on their mind. but once they do get educated they won't be able to wait to put their money in btc and out of the dirty fiat

  8. I think so too 20k to 30k for 2021.
    Its too hard to see beyond 30k in 2021, its taken ages to mess around like a yoyo, and barely even re-break 19k again?

  9. With all do respect Sunny, I don’t see the next bull run until at least 2029/2030. Yes, at least! But I hope you are right and it’s next year.

  10. Common man last time you said Bitcoin is going to crash and die now you are saying 1 million. Give us a break and stop saying things that you don’t believe in. stop it pls give everyone a break…….

  11. The whales just stoke the market and sell…rinse and repeat.
    Best way to make money is to just buy at a low and wait for the next pumping of the market then sell.

  12. Never liked the rainbow track on high time frames. I ignore the first peak in the chart because the halving occurred within 3 years of genesis. I believe we only have 2 peaks and valleys to work with.

  13. Bitcoin reward halving supply shock closer each minute..⌛️..⏰

    2012 and 2016 halvings ignited 🔥 the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

  14. Before BTC @ 1million usd the usd would be almost worthless something like Venezuela. Therefore, one might as well say BTC will be 10million usd. If you gonna go big then go really big.

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