🧐 Nikola TESLA, Maxwell & Secrets of LIGHT versus Quantum madness

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  1. You're doing a great job. I'm a toastmaster, public speaking and leadership club. Your car analogy is good and there are a few areas for improvement. Consider: There is a turn ahead called earth at 50 mph. The blue-light car is going 100mph and the red-light slow car is going 50mph, who will make the turn. Turn it into a question. I love your style, thank you.

  2. Ken, so if i may ask, or pause, on the linguistic aspect of "emitting". at this "level" of thought and all that.. wouldn't it be fair to say that nothing emits anything? or in other words, every emission can be described as "not an emission" but a point source causing a disturbance in it's outward medium. i could be wrong about this.. but what are some examples of "pure emissions" as opposed to light, sound, or to my simple brain, everything else… ?

  3. Idk why u gotta be so antagonistic to the scientific community tho. If your ideas hold ground, just tell them. Perhaps the whole community is severely misled and in dire need of the insight you can provide. But no one's gonna take your ideas too seriously if you make everyone out to be a bumbling idiot or dogmatic. People will instinctively enter defense mode and reject your correction. But then again you probably don't care how they feel, in which case everyone who actually matters will remain ignorant and scientific progress will continue at its relatively lackluster pace and we're all missing out on a brighter future bc u prefer to call hardworking scientists mental midgets 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Objectively awesome content tho 🔥

  4. Just like they try to tell you stars are billions of light years away! Where they get these numbers from who knows but the heliocentric theory is completely bogus
    So check out how they make light use sound passing through water sonoluminescence just like in the Bible the very first thing that was created by the Creatir

  5. Just before watching this, I saw an interesting video on electric energy and how the battery and lamp are radiating and absorbing energy to and from "the field". OK, so what is "the field"? Could it be the aether? I'm almost starting to comprehend. Still a ways to go…

  6. “All neutrons become photons if they’re free” you need to quote or reference where you’re seeing this. A small fraction (about one in 1000) of free neutrons decay with the same products, but add an extra particle in the form of an emitted gamma ray. Some of the decay energy is carried away as photon energy. Is this what you’re talking about?

  7. The problem is that the particle is just a concept of a point. I agree light probably is not a particle just radiation (you prefer vibration).
    5:28 "vibration … disturbenc of ether …" 11:55 "ligt is not wave" ok These things can be described as wave … frequency has a wavelength KHz MHz
    12:25 "Space dont have Properties only Attributes." the words are same enough
    Properties – is a quality or trait belonging and especially peculiar to an individual or thing
    Attributes – a quality, character, or characteristic ascribed to someone or something
    I do not understand you what information are trying to get cross.

  8. Don’t read this comment. Now that I have you’re attention, don’t listen to this guy. He obviously does not know anything about the fields in which he is talking about and fails to reference any reputable sources. Many of not most of his claims have nothing to back them up.

  9. Ken, I am surprised that you cite N.Tesla and he says "Space has no property". Period. So, space cannot be bent or stretched and compressed and Black Holes are nothing but bend space particularly based o Einstein's GTR. Therefore, I say there is no such BS as Black Holes…
    Black Holes are astronomical electromagnetic Birkeland currents with a torus and an ejection axis. If you believe there could be a gravitational gun powerful enough to eject a 10 light-years bean, you don't understand physics. We have to stop our Newtonian (gravitational) view of the universe and understand everything it is basically ELECTRIC.

  10. The only people I can think of who would be so obsessed with mathematics predictions and playing with large numbers,and have already messed up the reality of how we live are’s time for them to have their medication and rest their calculations for a long time…sorry! Wrong video 😀just realised you’re talking about science people,,,whoops..

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