🛑 The Problem w/ Bitcoin's Stock To Flow Model | Stellar Lumens Just Destroyed HALF Their Supply

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SLP122 PlanB – Responses to the S2F mannequin

Stellar’s Foundation Just Destroyed Half the Supply of Its Lumens Cryptocurrency

Huobi Global has introduced that it’ll freeze all United States

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This info is what was discovered publicly on the web. This info might’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the web. All info is supposed for public consciousness and is public area. This info is just not meant to slander hurt or defame any of the actors concerned however to indicate what was mentioned by their social media accounts. Please take this info and do your personal analysis.

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  1. How can the steller lumen burn be verified? We're taking the steller foundations word for it? In theory couldn't this "burn" be a coordinated publicity stunt and setup for a future possible major dump?

  2. Gentle men please add this
    I think there’s a war on the block chain between Chaum and Satoshi ,
    They have both brought out the first coins ,
    One was successful and the other was a founder but not financially succesful.
    Now the battle field is square Chaum is on his second coin elixir and Satoshi possibly has a second coin on the market and it could be .zil .
    And UD .zil and .crypto could be the twelve apostles for the next instalment of the blockchain franchise to mass adoption.
    Don’t forget to credit javier fernandez 4676 Sydney thanks for cruz jake and nana.

  3. Satoshi Nakamoto white paper
    By javier fernandez Sydney 4676
    On bitcoin is the US one dollar bill
    For Cruz Juaquin and Iliana


    Bitcoin is the US one dollar Bill.
    Satoshi is the founding fathers.
    The vision of blockchain is
    Martin Luther Kings

    “ I have a dream “

    Ok let’s start with the easy part , central origin history intelligence.
    Satoshi Nakamoto.
    S2 A3 T2 O3 H1 I 1 N1 K1M1
    Sato Hink M

    Sato Latin planter

    Hink hook used in the fields.

    This reminds me of slavery.

    Slave in Latin serverum

    Server UM


    VM is 995

    The country code for Georgia.

    Martin Luther King was born in Georgia.

    If we add up the numbers,

    2 3 2 3 1 1 1 1 1

    Equals 15

    Martin Luther King was born on the 15.

    If we take 15 as a unit of time it is 3 o’clock very symbolic on the 1 dollar bill.
    The 13 states.

    3 rd president of the United States Thomas Jefferson.

    In the I have a dream speech MLK mentions the Stone Mountain of Georgia where Jefferson is depicted.

    The number 23 is 11 o’clock .
    11 letter of the alphabet k.
    13 letter of the alphabet M

    In the alphabet it runs out KLM.
    Martin Luther King.

    The number 13 is very important in United States history.

    So when you change all the numbers from 23 to 11 comeback to the number one.

    First president of the United States ,

    George Washington.

    George ( Georgia)
    Where the great speech “ I have a dream was delivered.

    The true essence of block chain tech is the speech delivered by marring Luther King in Washington “ I have a dream “.
    This also leads back to Berkeley.

    Another famous Thomas was Thomas Edison.

    Electricity to mine for bitcoin.
    Light bulb
    In Spanish it is pronounce Luth ( luz)
    Edison died in New Jersey.

    One of the founding fathers of the US David brierly was from New Jersey.
    Brierly is missing the K for Berkeley.

    They even have the Berkeley mascot bear in there.

    K number 11.
    1 George Washington .


    Washington “ I have a dream “ speech.

    Which leads back to one of the first computers built at Berkeley and where David Chaum studied the father of digital money.

    There are five founding fathers that didnit go into serve on the senate one of them went to Princeton one of the owners of the original bitcoin keys went to Princeton .

    Another founding father was Charles , Craig Wright went to charles Sturt university and he was given what ever he was given from Satoshi not because he’s smart but because he was living in the Northern Territory where the holiest of rocks is to the oldest culture in this earth the aboriginal people Ayers Rock.

    This also leads into theology
    “ God is the true Rock and the devil is the false Rock,”

    The rock of God is Razel an angel.
    Gods secret.
    David Chaums coin was called elixar.

    Satoshi is Razel.

    And David is the anti Elixir.

    David Chaum worked in the Netherlands.

    He even uses the two strokes through the x to show you the Z.

    Elixar is Razel spect backwards.

    (Ra .zil
    .zil could be the New Testament.)

    Another famous Thomas is George Henry Thomas ,
    The rock Chickamauga.

    Chaum name is in this Chickamauga.

    George 1

    Thomas 3

    Satoshi studied with or under David Chaum.
    David Chaum knows who Satoshi is but his whole being is about code and secrecy .
    Satoshi new this and new he would never tell who Satoshi is or are.

    Satoshi was al about bringing it to the light , block chain for the people.

    David Chaum worked at NYU down the road George Washington you have Columbia University.
    Historical intelligence.
    In thy light shall we see light .
    The Kings school.
    Light in spanish is Luz.
    Pronounce Luth.

    You may find Satoshi original white paper in the halls of Columbia University.

    Or Ben in Berkeley.

    Satoshi vision was for transformation,
    Finding new ways of providing energy.
    Self governance.
    A world without borders.
    And most important
    Free speech .

    Please listen to the “ I have a dream “speech.
    It is Satoshi Nakamoto vision and no he is not Japanese but there could have been somebody on the team studying at Columbia or Berkeley from Japanese origin.
    But Satoshi Nakamoto see themselves as the US founding Fathers based on civil liberties and justice for all.

    Xavier Fernandez
    4676 Sydney Australia.

    This is the white paper on Satoshi Nakamoto for Cruz jake and nana

    Also I think there’s a surprise in the mining for bitcoin they may come across a block that forms part and builds another 21 , 000, 000 bitcoins into circulation.
    But I doubt we will find this out in our lifetime.
    This would stableize the price of bitcoin.
    And make it comparable to gold or maybe there will be less that is produced when you hit pay dirt that special bit coin that is mined.
    And the. It will be comparable to mining gold.
    Also the 9 president of United States was William Henry Thomas
    Served 31 days M .
    21 million bitcoins.
    We have all three George Henry Thomas
    The rock of Chickamauga
    Gods secret or Chaums secret.
    Satoshi Nakamoto
    One George Washington
    9 Henry Thomas
    3 Thomas Jefferson
    Equals 13
    13 states of the United States.
    Bitcoin is theUS one dollar bill
    Steeped in mystery
    Satoshi Nakamoto
    Are the founding fathers
    Bitcoin is the one dollar bill
    And the vision
    Martin Luther King
    I have a dream

    xavier fernandez 4676 Sydney Australia
    For cruz jake and Iliana.

  4. I see one fatal flaw that is not considered in a lot of crypto YouTube videos. Not considering a black swan event. This MUST be thought about because of the fiat system we live in. The dollar collapses then crypto will moon more than anyone can imagine.

  5. I don’t know what martin H Graham middle name is but if it’s Henry you have the rock of Chickamauga, the three presidents of block chain possibly …… his George Henry Thomas birthday is the 31st of July …. 13 colonies.
    WaSHIngton satoSHI and Thomas Jefferson nakaMOTo

  6. Stock to flow model is just that…a model….there have only been 2 halvings so basically only 2 samples. This suffers from something called "overfitting". Read about overfitting on Wikipedia.

  7. The thing is a lot of people don’t know about the halving. I owned btc for a couple of years before I even found out about the halvings. A lot of people don’t do all that much research before diving in.

  8. When discussing about why the S2F predicted price after halving is not priced-in in advance, I missed the following argument as an explanation: Currently, 1800 coins are mined daily. A significant amount those fresh coins are dumped into the market for making profit and to compensate mining electricity. On the other side of the market, at least the equivalent amount of money needs to be invested to keep the coin price in balance, otherwise the price would drop. This flow of fresh coins into the market is constantly dragging down the coin price like ballast hanging on a balloon. The higher the balloon flies, the higher weights the ballast which pulls harder on it. This mechanism is caused by the fact that when the coin price increases and miners are selling the same number of coins for a higher price. This again increases the minimum required amount of money to be invested to keep the coin price in balance. Actually it works like a brake for the price pump. After the halving, this required amount to be invested halves, hence the price would increase more easily to a higher level and the game starts from the beginning. It's like throwing out half of the ballast from the balloon.

  9. Bitcoin max theoretical price is around 400K give or take maybe 100K for bull and bear cycles, that is, it will finally match gold, perhap being "pegged" to gold by many banks and governments. But that is as high as it will go – it will not replace normal currencies like euros and dollars – its use case is as a reserve like gold or platinum and so forth, no more or less.

  10. No way could I ever put my money into something that has a supply that can be cut in half by some organization. My hunch would be that this probably doesn’t just go one way. I bet they can make more coins whenever they want. But even if I’m wrong, no way stellar could be something I could feel good about holding.

    That being said, I do appreciate that the btc supply goes down as people die off and take their coins to the grave. But the decay of the supply seems natural and so long as new coins can’t be printed I’m holding onto those coins.

    I hope you stellar lumen holders enjoy the pump. I wonder how many will be sold.

  11. PlanB just covering his ass. DUDE IS MASSIVELY RESPECTED. I've worked in finance for over 10 years and have not found any model with 99.6% accuracy over 10 year period.

    PlanB just covering the 0.4%.
    Good video.

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