? New FAST Bitcoin Cash Point-of-Sale Merchant Terminal By EletroPay For A Bit Over $100

Bitcoin Cash as soon as once more proves its value within the subject of peer-to-peer service provider funds. New point-of-sale terminal by EletroPay and Bitcoin.com

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Disclaimer: This video just isn’t monetary or funding recommendation. Do not purchase, promote or commerce cryptocurrency, or make any monetary choices based mostly on the content material of this video. I’m merely sharing what I’ve carried out and what I’d do in numerous conditions as an academic device solely.

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? New FAST Bitcoin Cash Point-of-Sale Merchant Terminal By EletroPay For A Bit Over $100

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  1. Not a fan of BCH and also – why do you need an extra hardware? Why can't you just use a tablet (or smartphone), that you already use in your shop and accept payments with it? Multiple of these nifty PoS apps are starting to appear on the market – e.g. MoonPos.

  2. Hogwash. Bitcoin Cash has the same 10 min block time as Bitcoin. That merchant software simply does not wait for the transaction to be included in the block. It simply takes the risk. That is NOT a feature of Bitcoin Cash. It's a risk that merchant software / payment provider is willing to take.

  3. Hey Colin, i've been watching all of your videos and i think you are one of the best youtubers for crypto! Possible if i can chat you up to talk about how i can tap onto the market?

  4. Are you ok Colin?? Just heard about the horrific earthquakes in Puerto Rico!! I hope you & all your private keys are ok!!!🙏🙏

  5. Vitali is right… Internet money should not cost 0.05 cent as fee. Many people said xrp is cheaper. Any though on it?

  6. I think BTC will be the digital gold and BCH will be the currency for day to day transactions. I don't have BCH but I think Roger Ver is a very smart person as he was one of the early investors in BTC.

  7. In the long run the fees will matter, the average person will not pay the crazy fees on the BTC chain, when you can do the same things for MUCH less on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

  8. Bitcoin fees will be about $837 to send $5 the next bull run. It is honestly sad to see where it is at and the fact that it doesn't work as well as it did in 2013. I own Bitcoin Cash as well but I'm more bullish on Dogecoin and Litecoin. I feel like a lot of people who recieved BCH were selling it off out of their Coinbase accounts as the bear market kept kicking their teeth in.

    People forget the Bitcoin Cash halvening is coming as well!

  9. Interesting in late 2017 whenever someone post a video saying something good about BCH there will be more dislikes than likes.

  10. Logical fallacies keep being repeated by BCH and BSV proponents. I say it's better to get things right rather than in a hurry and fix later.

  11. This is why BCH is going to be the major player. It not only works, it is supported by people who know what needs to work and why.. EOS community could use a guy like Roger on helping them focus on fundamentals.. What works now.. Why anyone buys BTC or anything else (other than EOS) doesn't make sense.. ETH has no controlled limit, LTC is pre-owned, ripple is a banker coin.. ? yeah.. thank goodness for Roger Ver.. I believe if EOS doesn't solve it's issues.. BCH is good enough for me..

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