🔵 How to Protect Yourself from Feds Infinite Dollars. Will BTC/Crypto Decouple frm Crashing Economy?

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  1. Every time I watch that Fed video, I can't spot thinking… Nosferatu.. ahhh.. run! That's why they don't show you his hands.

  2. SWEAR!! I feel you so much, teaching a sheep to be a lion is like feeding a lion to a sheep. I've tried soooo many times to get friends and family to join in on profits and now I swear we have same mindset. Now I just wanna know there gunna have a currency that is worth anything. Almost feel like currency will flip upside down over a few days when it happens. Paper money will be fire starter some day. Dont be scured to remind us to SUB!! I now realize you NEVER say it which gives some proof that ur just spreading knowledge without seeking personal gains but reminding people to sub does help considering I forgot to LOL. We need to see your info ASAP.😷😋😷 believes me ur passion is literally pouring out of my phone screen, its beautiful, ur 100% genuine. Need you to grow my friend. 🤦‍♂️just seen the sub reminder at the end… put a big fat bell in middle of video maybe idk its ur channel 😂 I'll stfu now lol

  3. Thanks Colin! What are your thoughts on deflation before hyperinflation, due to a much slower velocity of money? (Check our Mike Maloney’s stuff!) 🤠

  4. Put everything into ledger, access to it is from home in U.K., currently stranded in New Zealand until flights get going again, so very much HODL

  5. I wanted to add… having your value in crypto protects you from banker's negative interest rates and bank bail ins…

  6. WHAT? how good is Bitcoin or crypto currency in a debt based system where the majority of currency is already digital dollars and are exchanged for things of value now. If you have a Bitcoin and you want groceries. How can you exchange the bitcoin into digital dollars when dollars are going to have no value. "BITCOIN" is a "DIGITAL GAME" just like the current digital game we are playing, right?

  7. I reckon youre correct on the hyperinflation, and the BTC price to USDT would be higher in the future. However, I suspect there may be a few tests to BTC resistance, follow by possible downtrend to $5000~ or below, before the next bull run happens a little after MAY/JUNE. What's your exit strategy? Are you gonna swap over to DAI or other stable coins for reserving the value of your earnings??

  8. Thank you Colin. Could you please clarify. Do you foresee the hyperinflation and if yes why would for example property be not a good investment now?

  9. Thank you Colin…. you've been talking about this for a long time. I hope people take notice before is too late

  10. It's all going to hell. Forget about getting rich with crypto or gold, if people don't get back to work soon people are going to be going to door to door trying to get in. And it won't be the Jehova's witnesses.

  11. The dollar is tied to taxation, and taxation is tied to the dollar. This is why the Federal Reserve, and the IRS were both created in 1913 together.
    The dollar is supported by taxation, and the reason taxation supports the dollar is that it is a THEFT of your money that makes you BELIEVE that the dollar has any value whatsoever. Without taxation you could think of the dollar as just monopoly money.

    But every year they come around and steal your cash from you, and the ONLY thing that this actually affects is your assumption that cash has a value, a worth of means. The IRS THEFT is supporting the dollars value, and it is NOT because of the absence of the gold standard.

    The dollar was collapsing – we all knew this, we all could see this happening. The government nursed the dollar for many years now, but now it is no longer able to keep it floating. And now they are accelerating the de-valuation of the dollar by printing endless amounts of money. If they DID NOT do this, then the collapse of the dollar would ONLY be prolonged, and the recession would only worsen, and last far longer. This is why they are printing fiat at such a feverish pace. The dollar is no more – it still maintains value now – yes, but it is going to keep going down in value.

    With the exit of the Dollar, we will hopefully also see the exit of the IRS threat system of violence, and extortion against society. The IRS only true intent was to support the dollar, as a currency of value, by stealing it from peoples wages. The new dollar will be digital. All fiat currencies in the history of the world, all of them, all of them collapsed in ruin. The physical dollar has run it's course, it's the beginning of it's terminal end.

    There will always be some form of taxation more than likely, but the IRS is hopefully going to go the way of the dinosaur also, and the US dollar, being solely supported by taxation is also going to go with it……Like Colin, I also recommend gold, silver and bitcoin as a hedge…..

  12. My answer to you at 17:20 just wait when bitcoin market cap changes into the Trillions. It will be very noticeable even with their fed bankster derivatives/futures/institutional goons jumping in to keep the price low at $100K per bitcoin.

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