? DeFi Exploding, Tax Issues With Staking Rewards, Bitcoin Cash DAA & 8% IFP? EOS Bullish News, LBRY

00:00 Intro

00:37 LBRY, Decentralized Blockchain-based Video Site

03:15 DEFI (Decentralize Finance)

05:00 Taxes on Staking Rewards

12:11 Bitcoin Cash ABC pressured 8% IFP and developer points concerning DAA

21:33 Bullish on EOS — 5 Reasons I Am Super Bullish on EOS Right Now.

32:48 Final Thoughts


RESOURCES REGARDING: Tax on Staking Rewards

? https://medium.com/proof-of-stake-alliance-posa/proof-of-stake-alliance-posa-supports-call-for-irs-guidance-on-staking-bb8102246d9b

? https://schweikert.house.gov/sites/schweikert.house.gov/files/Final%20Proof%20of%20Stake%20IRS%20Letter%207.29.20.pdf

? What if the worth of an airdropped token has worth at time of receipt however finally goes to zero, earlier than you promote it. You nonetheless owe taxes on all of the moments the place you obtained it when it did have worth. This may very well be ceaselessly, like each single day triggering a tax occasion. This will increase my threat. This additionally negates my 0% capital positive factors in Puerto Rico as a result of its not a capital achieve its a dividend and taxed at time of receipt as a substitute of taxed on the time of sale. This is extra of a difficulty in a PoS system, as a result of all members of the system could have to stake as a way to sustain with the inflation. Bitcoin miners nonetheless have this subject.


RESOURCES REGARDING: Bitcoin Cash ABC pressured IFP and developer points:

? https://twitter.com/Bitcoin_ABC/status/1291333898761273345

? https://medium.com/bitcoin-abc/bitcoin-abcs-plan-for-the-november-2020-upgrade-65fb84c4348f

? https://read.cash/@ralak/rip-abc-we-thank-you-for-your-contribution-in-past-for-bch-dc4f975c

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? https://read.cash/@sha256_88ebd526/bitcoin-cash-bch-november-2020-upgrade-statement-f7c03159


RESOURCES REGARDING: Bullish on EOS — 5 Reason I Am Super Bullish on EOS Right Now.

? Block.one EOS proxy:

? https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto/status/1288832757037137923?s=20

? https://news.marketcap.one/breaking-block-one-creates-voting-proxy-on-eos-sub2-b1-and-proxies-85-million-eos/

? https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto/status/1291163643321749506

? https://youtu.be/GKo2Cj129jg

? After Voice social community, block.one’s subsequent main product is a FINANCIAL SERVICES PRODUCT that “BENEFITS THE UNDERLYING USERS THEMSELVES”.

? Heavy promoting over subsequent 24 months.

? I consider this information additional connects the dots between B1’s newly found Bitcoin mining farm, making BTC transmissible over EOSIO (And hopefully EOS) framework, and that it’ll give again to token holders.


? Everything EOS YouTube channel:


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Disclaimer: This video shouldn’t be monetary or funding recommendation. Do not purchase, promote or commerce cryptocurrency, or make any monetary selections based mostly on the content material of this video. I’m merely sharing what I’ve completed and what I might do in numerous conditions as an academic software solely.

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? DeFi Exploding, Tax Issues With Staking Rewards, Bitcoin Cash DAA & 8% IFP? EOS Bullish News, LBRY

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  1. Topics & Timestamps:
    00:00 Intro

    00:38 LBRY, Decentralized Blockchain-based Video Site

    03:15 DEFI (Decentralize Finance) 05:00 Taxes on Staking Rewards

    12:11 Bitcoin Cash ABC forced 8% IFP and developer issues regarding DAA

    21:33 Bullish on EOS — 5 Reason I Am Super Bullish on EOS Right Now.

    32:48 Final Thoughts

  2. Nice video. With taxes it is hard as most of them are spend / they dissapear. With EOS I like it a lot, but my knowleadge is not as good as yours. Thank Colin for informative video.

  3. Hi Colin. Thank you once again for your work. Really appreciate it. For the first time i clicked your LIBRARY link and must admit as much as i want to support it too as a user it will take some getting used too. Just a suggestion i overheard from another youtuber's video. He suggested that every once in a while he would be uploading some of his videos exclusively to the alternative platform. Entirely your decision of course if you would consider doing something similar but i thought i should mention because it will do some extra bit in promoting it (LIBRARY in your case).

  4. When is this CRAP – EOS going to MOVE??? Leave it to me to pick SOME CHIT and watch it lose value as everything else climbs.

    I think it's nothing but PURE CRAP………………..It's ALL manipulated BS…….ALL OF IT……..Pay me you MOF's……..!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love your work Colin. Do you think you could do a video why Link and other oracle coins should never be worth much based on their utility. I cant handle the Link insanity anymore its like the 2017 ico boom repeating

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