? Bitcoin Bull Run Peak Dec 2021? $200,000-$300,000. How Will BTC Scaling & The Economy Affect Price

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This mannequin is utilizing proportions to take a look at what has occurred and overlay it with the place we are actually to take a look at potentialities. As such, it is a mannequin utilizing math. It isn’t my private prediction.

The unpredictable financial system might have an effect on this significantly, each to the draw back within the quick time period (as a result of panic), and to the upside in the long run (as a result of devaluation of fiat by way of inflation)

At some level the worth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are going to HAVE to see a rise in worth if solely on the premise that the fiat they signify goes to turn into more and more nugatory as soon as the newly printed cash has hit the financial system. This can take a short while to occur. And that is solely the issue of fiat devaluation– This isn’t even bearing in mind the growing international adoption of cryptocurrencies which is able to moreover enhance their worth. So actually, there are 2 constructive forces engaged on the value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies concurrently. In this mild, I see it as a really excessive chance of vastly larger costs. Again, this isn’t monetary recommendation.

It can also be at all times doable {that a} Black Swan occasion might delay such occasions, however I see this as solely being a *delay* and never a conclusive cease, a lot in the identical approach that Bitorrent can’t be stopped. Only onramps/offramps and authorities restrictions or bans can *delay* Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So whereas they’ll add delays to its adoption, they can’t in the end cease it.

Lastly, there’s one further issue that might cease Bitcoin from reaching its true value potential throughout this upcoming bull run, and that’s scaling. As it stands, Bitcoin can deal with about Four transactions per second, with no scaling plans that will probably be prepared and broadly adopted earlier than the bull run finishes. It is feasible that Bitcoin scaling will find yourself taking place on Ethereum or EOS or one other blockchain, for instance, as a layer 2 resolution, however Bitcoin itself is congested, even at present. As such, it’s extremely possible that Bitcoin will push away adoption and new customers as a result of growing unusability of its blockchain, particularly as exponentially bigger numbers of recent customers try to onboard. Just like in 2019, it’s probably that when charges and affirmation occasions on the Bitcoin community get too excessive, customers will bounce ship to different cryptocurrencies that may scale extra readily.

0:00 Introduction – Next Bitcoin Bull Run 2020? 2021? 2023?

0:30 Comparison of final bull run (2013-2019) to our present bull run.

4:15 Model exhibits us December 2021 as the following peak

4:45 What lies in Bitcoin’s value future? How may it look?

5:31 The Math: $200,00Zero to $300,00Zero value per Bitcoin by Dec 2021

6:16 Black Swan occasions: financial lockdown, March stockmarket crash & cash printing

8:16 Bitcoin’s failure to scale might push away customers and have an effect on the upcoming bull run

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Disclaimer: This video isn’t monetary or funding recommendation. Do not purchase, promote or commerce cryptocurrency, or make any monetary selections based mostly on the content material of this video. I’m merely sharing what I’ve carried out and what I’d do in varied conditions as an academic device solely.

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? Bitcoin Bull Run Peak Dec 2021? $200,000-$300,000. How Will BTC Scaling & The Economy Affect Price

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  1. 0:00 Introduction – Next Bitcoin Bull Run 2020? 2021? 2023?

    0:30 Comparison of last bull run (2013-2017) to our current bull run.

    4:15 Model shows us December 2021 as the next peak

    4:45 What lies in Bitcoin's price future? How might it look?

    5:31 The Math: $200,000 to $300,000 price per Bitcoin by Dec 2021

    6:16 Black Swan events: economic lockdown, March stockmarket crash & money printing

    8:16 Bitcoin's failure to scale may push away users and affect the upcoming bull run

  2. “If Bitcoin miraculously gets it’s scaling issues solved” then the price will go to between $200-300k? You were sounding very confident in your price predictions until you said that. That sentence makes it sound like a miracle will be needed to get there.

  3. it worries me that bitcoin is correlated to the stock market, wasn't it argued that it was a hedge due to it being non correlated? whereas gold (which bitcoin competes against) was not affected.

  4. Most people, I spoke with, thinks the next bull run will be in summer or winter 2021. I feel , that it will happen this year. It will just pop out of nowhere and price spike will be seen and felt, just like in 2017.

  5. While your video is entertaining, judging the past to predict future out comes would be like watching all the lottery results and predicting the next set of possible numbers.
    I would be more interested in your opinion, on what market conditions and world events could trigger a bull run and why?
    particularly what would you say triggered the last bull run and kept it going?

  6. Great video Colin. I think once BTC hits $50,000 it will cost $70,000 to send $3 over the Bitcoin network and will take 11 days to get a confirmation but people will still be trying to buy it because people don't know what they are buying.

  7. If you follow Benjamin Cowen's work on logarithmic regression charts, you know there's actually lengthening cycles. This means the market won't peak in December 2021. More likely it's December 2022 or sometime in 2023. There's statistical proof that the ROI per each cycle is less and the cycles are longer. I don't know why people keep believing in a four year market cycle when the data doesn't show this to be true.

  8. Thanks for your analysis. Seems pretty solid to me. If davincij15 is selling his home to load up, he has obviously come to a similar conclusion. 🚀 🌓 screaming buy imo. 😊

  9. Hi Colin 👋 ..what u think about lengthening cycle ? According to this we will see next peak at 2023 or so.. This mean 4 yr cycle theory is wrong . Any thoughts?

  10. Bitcoin might have scaling issues, but it'll be like gold. You only put away what you want to store as value. Only spending once in awhile. If you're trying to use gold as a liquid currency you're gonna have lots of transaction fees.

  11. Colin sell all your Eos, and go all in Elrond. And make some good gains.
    If you gamble a bit just put $100 into Sparkpoint

  12. 2022-2023, if u think it’ll be in 2021 then ur under the assumption that bitcoin’s long term growth is linear and not logarithmic.

  13. Math is not predictive. Math is inscriptive and explanative. The numbers are not beholden to helping us predict behavior. They only help us determine objective phenomena.

  14. Overlaying mid-2015 to end-2017 price run up with where we are today would mean an almost 40x increase from here. That would give BTC a price close to $400,000. Not my prediction but possible with a major credit default or bail-in in Europe or US.

  15. i think you right, a 50 – 100K bitcoin will put most new buyer off, the next bull run will see unreal alt rallies like never seen before and never will see that size again, this is the last time the average Joe will make life changing money, just choose good projects and you will do very well hodl gang xxx

  16. Just because the past two cycles have looked similar doesn't mean it will happen again. You are placing way, way too much confidence on very little data – like 2 data points. That's not even close to being statistically significant. I'm not saying it wont happen, I'm just saying your evidence to support the case is very weak.

  17. u forgot the fed is flooding the stock market with freshly printed money, stock market is close to ATHs while there's 40million people out of work and daily riots in 20+ cities.. were hyperinflating in real time

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