?BAKKT Is Looking To DOMINATE Amazon USING Ebay + XRP, BTC & Ethereum + U.S. Senator = AMZ2

?BREAKING: This episode took me slightly bit to determine but it surely all is sensible now. BAKKT shall be competing with Amazon they usually have all of the items in place plus rip-off of the day


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?BAKKT Is Looking To DOMINATE Amazon USING Ebay + XRP,  BTC & Ethereum + U.S. Senator = AMZ2

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    Naturally, that's why I'm a Trump, Sarah Carter, John Solomon, Dan Bongino fan and am now a new subscriber and fan of your journalistic talents as well.

    Excellent video 👍👏👌

  2. LOL – kinda – you will be waiting for a long time for ebay to get back to you on this. As a long time ebay seller ( 18 years & counting ) I think ebay should just stop trying to be Amazon, fulfillment by ebay sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Also ICE are in writing now saying they are not trying to buy ebay

  3. Holy Smoke…..I forgot she became a senator……They are CEO of NYSE and BAKKT and they are married!!! What's up????

  4. They are figuring out how to own the rails on economy……payment rail….distribution rail…….consumer rail…… rail…….social score…..

  5. cryptodotcom had a glitch in their platform supposedly and my 5000 XRP was supposed to liquidate to $1349 USD but gave .08887725 in bitcoin worth approximately $849 USD. I contacted them and they credited my account with $500+ in CRO. Great that I didn't lose $500+ but forced me to take it in their coins. This is extremely worrisome. I feel like I was forced into taking CRO instead of BTC or USD. Has this happened to anyone else?

  6. ICE, BAKKT and eBay can also lead to the massive sales/auction of tokenized digital assets (commodities, real estate, businesses, hard assets)! “I will offer 1 bitcoin for 1,000 SHIP tokens (, a tokenized oil super tanker). After the purchase of the STOed tokens, every time the oil tanker completes a delivery, the token holders will be paid a dividend in the currency of their choice.

  7. Get off the Bus Muss . You dont have to be cuss muss. You dont need to be coy Roy to set yourself free.

  8. Crypto friends…for scam of the day can we do the IDAX exchange next? I didn't know there were problems (I've used them in the past with no issues, their exchange site doesn't mention it. I sent some BTC to my IDAX address to buy an altcoin and the BTC never showed up. It was dedcted from my other account and not returned. Idk if IDAX staff plans on ever making it a running exchange again, or if it's dead, but I'd hate to see someone else send money there.

  9. Just letting you know if anyone is using
    PLEASE don't the financial analyst he used the name Anthony Mavis
    This is a scam they had me for 5 grand yep I should of known better hope this helps good luck everyone

  10. I really enjoyed your reflections on starting small businesses and how they fail because people do not realize that when you start one you have to wear many hats. One of my disciplines is Software Development and I have moonlighted here and there in that endeavor. The one thing I would tell other fellow Software Developers if they decide to start their own shop is to learn more skills in sales and business. I wish I would have had someone tell me to take more business courses. I don't regret my studies in engineering and computer science, but if you want to know how the world and people work definitely take some business and/or sales courses. I remember when I worked at a company and Lou Holtz was a speaker. He basically said that you can have the best product, the most effective distribution system, the best advertising, but nothing happens until someone makes a sale.

  11. Best kept Secret in crypto, HEX ERC20 token day 66 of 351 day launch, up 8.02x from ATL 5 Jan., #1  vol. uniswap 1 Feb. , #3 dapp Dapradar ETH, other building HEXTEW = /  hexisbest dott

  12. scam of the day you will need to inform of "time stamped" videos that the scammers are using and place reasoning under "fake acct" for the ones that have nearly a million subs. Also… I stopped smoking cigs 10 years ago.

  13. Hey dan – do you think crypto will rise or fall in a recession? Seems like two arguments… bitcoin could rise like gold as seen as safe haven, but not all coins are seen as safe havens. Also a lot of people will sell a lot of their assets to free up cash in a recession… I’m sure they’d hold on to gold and silver, but would they do the same for riskier assets like crypto? I’m really battling with this one, as feel like it could go either way. Maybe a topic for your next video?

  14. Hey man can you go over Bakkt Ethereum futures?
    Will it enable the manipulation of Eth prices down? Please go over the possibilities. Cheers

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