🔥 ETHEREUM and BITCOIN CASH Integration – Programmer Explains 🚨 Thorchain Interview

🔥 ETHEREUM and BITCOIN CASH Integration 📈 Programmer Explains + Thorchain Interview

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  1. Thanks for such an informative video. Looking at the 50 and 200 MA, there is an impending golden cross which similar to that at the early stages of 2016/17 bull run and this would happen soonest, thereby skyrocketing the value of Bitcoin. I would advise all to do what I have been doing for the past 4 months which is growing my portfolio by trading while waiting for what is obviously coming now. Trading in itself may not be an easy task but doing so with professional guidance through signals makes it a lot easier and profitable. After talking to Gérard Barrientos when I stumbled upon him in a seminar, I started following his trade patterns and also using his signals and in my first 2 weeks, I had grown my portfolio by 6 BTC. That’s the secret to successfully trading and winning, trading the signals of a highly experienced trader with proven track record. Gérard can be reached through {{[email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640} for any questions regarding his system.

  2. Hi Ivan, please use a pen style, which doesn't get as thick as this one when scribbling fastly. I think it will improve readability greatly. I mean I see that it's cute and everything but maybe reduce this effect by 0.25-0.5

  3. BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin. Do not listen to you tubers who do not understand the fundamental underlying technology of the bitcoin protocol. Craig Wright is Satoshi and there will be only one global public ledger. Every other shitcoin including btc corecoin will go to zero. They will scale to 2gb block by the end of this week. While corecoin wants to keep you at 1mb. Satoshi said himself said that btc will die by the end of 2019. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THE REAL SCALABLE BITCOIN. DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUTUBERS WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND MOORES FUCKING LAW.

  4. The reason I asked for this was that I saw a youtuber had sold all his ETH because he was angry about this news.
    IVAN does it change YOUR confidence in how sensible it is to invest in Ethereum?

  5. Roger and Vitalik two weirdos. Maybe they are in love. Vitalik will not try BitcoinSV which is much more superior than BCHABC because Craig Wright doesn't like Vitalik and has called him a silly little boy many times.

  6. Looks like Vitalik or has no clue what to do with Eth network either is shilling bch as might have received some incentives for it. Bs is this bch and eth thing, just means eth team cannot actually do anything to improve it. No wonder why it takes them so long. They made eth not thinking at least two steps upfront. Imho

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