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Join me to listen to my ideas on the SPEND.COM crypto debit card. I actually love this card, and on this video, I examine it with the opposite dominant crypto debit card, the card. They each have their execs and cons, which is why I take advantage of each of them!

You can watch this on DTube right here:!/v/alexvanaken/46Bq8BBLZ8A

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  1. Any thoughts on Crypterium Card? i need a debit card that can do what Spend does, No minimum when you buy! In Holland my minimum top up is €100,- for the (Ruby)MCO Card and i cant do smaller transactions then €25,- Dont understand, i see people on the internet spend a few dollars on MCO card. i can only use the card for some bills and petrol. love MCO/CRO but i hope they will improve this.. stunned that you dont use the Spend anymore, i did KYC because of your video, the 250K & 2.5M SPND is Lame. somebody needs to rebrand that project. the core looks good! I got the $100 refferal, so ill go for the cheap card, just for testing, $75 for CRO lol.

  2. Spend Coin Is basically dead. Crypto Dot Com all the way. The best part about spend was the instant exchange but this whole company doesn't seem to be growing at all.

  3. What sucks is this one is so undervalued. You can actually call and talk to customers is a great buy! I don't use my card I just buy up the SPND for it.

  4. What are your thoughts on the value of the coin going up? There is so little info on the internet about the spnd coin.

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