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  2. BULLISH!! UPWARD PRESSURE WILL BREAK-THROUGH DOWNWARD PRESSURE, soon!! Some time between the last week of Aug.—first week of Sept. Many will miss out! Crypto Savy IS RIGHT!!

  3. May I ask what is your split BTC and LTC. If BTC goes where I think its going, I think its more profitable to hold than LTC. This is perplexing for me. Where do you see LTC in the very long term? Was in soma ADA but sold that a while ago. I think its a good project but doesn't seem like it will rock and roll anytime soon compared to BTC… and I wonder about the portfolio split between BTC and LTC. you must view LTC as the quicker payment solution for the future and BTC as the store of value. Correct?

  4. Good morning 🌞..prices really need to go's been like a clearance rack on the exchanges and mama has spent most her pin money…( Old English term for allowance that husband's gave their wives for those wondering what the hell I just said )

  5. Can you give me your opinion of the bitcoin weekly MACD? It is about to cross downward. Compare it to litecoin. Seems to me litecoin has been the forerunner of bitcoin. If you compare the two charts, litecoin moves first whether that be up or down. Seems to me bitcoin will follow downward during the weekly MACD cross. How can it go up if the weekly MACD is down? When the MACD crossed down on litecoin, price went down and so far has not stopped, although it looks like the weekly on litecoin might be coming to a bottom soon. What is your opinion of this?

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