👀Bitcoin and Litecoin every day replace!!👀 bitcoin litecoin worth prediction, evaluation, information, buying and selling

?? BITCOIN FUTURE IS LAID OUT FOR US !?!? Lets check out the charts and see why I consider the BEARS might be despatched to the slaughterhouse, very, very quickly!! I’M STILL VERY BULLISH HERE except we drop beneath 9600!! Have an amazing day!!??
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???This content material meant for instructional and leisure functions solely. I’m NOT a monetary adviser and that is NOT monetary advise. This market is HIGH RISK, enter, make investments or commerce at your personal RISK!!!………….ENJOY!???

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  1. patterns are meant to be broken. if bitcoin continues to go up like this it won't be healthy. we need pullbacks and consolidation. mooning is like pushing on the gas pedal without braking, you might think you get to the destination faster but you might run a red light and crash.

  2. Guys,i found one interesting app for a PC, with crypto analysis for the future. To be honest i can’t figure it out,maybe somebody already tried it cryptoprycewidgets . com? (Don’t think that this is advertisement)

  3. No worries here. Just wait for the bounce and the crazy action to follow. This is one of the reasons why I trade this honey badger. No emotion just clickity clickity cha-ching. lol

  4. hey dude, really need your help, looking to invest a substantial amount basically all my savings, do you think I need to use cold storage or would a ledge x be secure enough? Would really appreciate your prompt response! Love your content BTW

  5. I'm an Elliot Waver, and I don't know who you are talking about forecasting LTC to $50 or $60. Whoever it is they have the count wrong. I'm looking for a bottom in this area now. I bought LTC and BTC this morning.

  6. Being new to your channel can you give me an idea how accurate you have been since December 2018? cheers and btw I like your channel.

  7. Whether BTC achieves for investors going Long or not (which i believe it will), your Video's are consistent, well balanced and informative. Forget the non constructive comments, don't let them get to you.

  8. Been watching Bybit literally all day and the bulls are protecting 10.3k hard! It’s gone down close to it 5 times and every time it’s been shot back up $200-$300. I’d be surprised if we get back below $10.3k. If it gets below $10.4k go long and ride the wave up!

  9. i am a new subscriber to your channel just have to say your TA is as good as anyone on youtube do not let the bears or haters get to you keep doing what your doing and yes the bears will be loosing some coins soon !!!!!!

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