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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT monetary recommendation. This is simply my opinions. I’m not chargeable for any funding selections that you simply select to make.

Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the expertise behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We additionally cowl Bitcoin value, altcoin value, investing, analytics, completely different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. 1: "Tell us what the price going down means!"
    2: "Well, that means the price is currently lower now than it was when it was higher."
    1: "Incredible! What do think it will do now?"
    2:"Well after analyzing, I have determined it is going to go up or down."
    1. "Amazing! Thank you! Guys please leave a comment and subscribe to my unoriginal and typical crypto channel!"

  2. So great to see your collaboration! So cool you guys live right near each other… That’s awesome. And you both have great points… I agree with both of you 100%… First time seeing Ivan… Ivan you rock. I’ve been watching moon Carl for quite a while now… And Crypto zombie… As well as many many influencer hosts… All providing different unique perspectives… Different niches

  3. Bitcoin was first. That's really important. Yeah, sure, Zuckerberg has his platform, but it is more and more widely known that he's pushing an agenda of censorship and close corrupt government cooperation when he's not trying to sway elections on his own. When it comes to your daily spending habits, I think a lot more people are going to be a lot more cautious than they are with their private data. Thus I think, given a choice, they will rather choose Bitcoin. At least if it's made easy to use to buy regular daily items – which it currently isn't.

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