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  1. I know some people will be regretting why they sold their coins months back. LOL.
    I was supposed to be among them, but I listened to a man named Paul Bradely. I call him a God sent because he gave me reasons to Hodl or invest my coins.
    I chose to invest my bitcoin using his strategies and signals, it was complex at the beginning but I managed to strive in order to master his strategies which I successfully did. I made a daily 20% profit with a little investment of 0.1341 BTC due to fear of losing, Paul reassured and made me understand that life its self is full of risk and I need to take lots of risks to succeed and I believed him.
    As at this time of writing this comment, I have been able to make lots of profits using Paul's strategy. I'm forever grateful to him and most especially to God for not allowing me to listen to the doubtful thoughts I was having when I contacted Paul Bradely at the beginning.
    My suggestion, especially to newbies and intermediates is to find someone like him and follow him religiously. His contacts are * * (paulbradely1 @ Gmail. com) WhatsApp***+447480724121.

  2. I love your videos, and I subscribe with alerts so that I can watch them – unfortunately I really dislike the other content on Ready Set Crypto by other presenters / authors and I wish there was some way to only get alerts on yours, as I find I’m ignoring more of the alerts from RSC now 🙁

  3. Hello Doc. I subscribed for the DeFi masterclass earlier today. However I still don't have access to the class. I have sent a mail to support but thought I could reach you faster here. Thanks

  4. Fyi…0Chain will pay 10% annual staking interest UPFRONT! + You can use free cloud storage while staking. Faster, safer, cheaper – decentralized Dropbox-cloud storage 😉 as a content creator you should really check that out!

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