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BREAKING: Binance Closing Off US Customers | Here's what you need to know


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What are your ideas on the Binance, Facebook coin, or Bakkt information? Do you suppose the information is extra constructive or detrimental for the house? Feel free to go away a remark beneath! Thank you all a lot for watching the video. If you loved the video, please take into account dropping a like, subscribing, and ringing the bell icon.
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  1. Wanna try a great exchange besides Binance? I'd highly recommend to try Kucoin exchange and for a solid investment to buy Kucoin exchange coin.. Why?
    1) It's a great exchange and has a clear use case.People will always need Good exchanges and exchange coins will go up when the market grows and people use them more.
    2)It's the best exchange out there, only 2nd to Binance imo,(just barely tho) and arguably safer with more security protocols and it offers some good coins even Binance doesn't offer.
    3)It pays out dividends daily in Kucoin just for holding it and those dividends rise as the coin price and the market rises so your holdings and money will increase in 2 different ways,it's good to HODL coins that provide passive income just for having them.
    4)It has a VERY low supply lower than Binance and currently over the next 3 months is doing a coin burn so that alone will raise the price soon. Do the math,a great exchange, lower supply than Binance under $2, Binance around $30.. WAY more potential for big gains and it's safer because Binance coin could easily drop to $20 or lower and Kucoin will stay steady around $1-2 if the market tanks for some reason.

    If you want to know anything else I'll be glad to help,if you want to sign up you can use my referral code if you like, (ofcourse you don't have to..) But it would help me out alot and it's easy to put in when you sign up,it literally takes like 2 secs lol.Heres my referral code if you ever choose to try Kucoin.
    CODE: 1us2Q
    Anyway thanks for reading,we haven't seen nothing's only a matter if time til the next bull run. No stocks or most other investment will EVER out perform crypto unless you find something like early Amazon stock, good luck with that lol! Alot of the top 1% of alts will be equivalent to exactly that in the coming years or better!
    Other good alts imo are Cardano,Stellar and Neo.All will be around for many years to come and people buying now at these low prices will benefit immensely in the coming months and especially years. Always do your own research before investing but all the coins I suggested are solid projects and have a big roadmap ahead and won't die out or stop with development like 98% of other alts which are just shitcoins will.I hope all this helps someone who's looking to invest and try a new exchange out as well ,good luck! πŸ˜‰

  2. I have not traded for months an deposited eos to binance today 8/6/19. I wasn't aware of the ban but deposits and trading began well until EOS/BTC stopped at 11%. Is this normal and how long might a trade take? I as a US citizen been ripped off? Thanks.

  3. Gold is king. Crypto is a transfer tool that holds value . It is valuable tech that requires an investment of fiat to have value. Gold can stand by its self. As more cryptos prove themselves cryptos will lose their raging highs. I do invest there is however an end to this ride.

  4. Soooooooo..all of my current sell orders, with alts purchased back in 2017/2018…I will have to sell at a massive, massive loss now unless they all retrace fully by September? That is pretty depressing. Shitballs.

  5. VPN is risky..but so is staying and playing in the US. WE will be so over regulated in crypto in 5 yrs..many that didn't get in will be kept from buying BTC or many altcoins. accredited only apply…

  6. It seems very good news that Binance cut off service to the US. This is because people in the US will not be able to get 'altcoins' as easily and therefore will more likely invest in the King of coins…Bitcoin. This will cause a surge in it's value.

  7. i accidently sent 100$ of btc from binance to an adress i believe is on cryptopia….which went bankrupt…can anybody help me get it back? is it possible? was trying to send to coinbase. but pinned an address that it gave me a suggestion… always check ur adresses people lol

  8. FATF apparently has an iron foot, I was thinking Binance was untouchable. Binance used to be my favorite exchange,I hope we get a new one and perhaps better one to replace it!

  9. Regarding the impact of Bitcoin (14:15), you speak of uplifting the wealth of everyday people. I understand your argument. However, I still have reservations. I am concerned about extreme concentrations of wealth. Those who get into what will become successful cryptocurrencies could have large percentages of what could become the defacto world currencies, while "everyday people" are likely to have missed it.

  10. Hey @datadash man, just wanted to let you know your video probably got banned because your advertise in it (seen it recently). This isn't allowed by Youtube conditions. Check it out and it should be fine. Good work, keep going πŸ™‚

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