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Today we might be doing a 2019 ALTCOIN REVIEW of ELECTRA COIN. ELECTRA COIN is a LOW CAP CRYPTO coin that could be very quick and safe. Subscribe to LOW CAP CRYPTO for extra updates on all your BEST ALTCOINS to purchase, LOW CAP ALTCOINS and TOP ALTCOINS in 2019 together with ELECTRA COIN, ALTCOIN REVIEWS and plenty of extra CRYPTO GEMS and MASTERNODES 2019 cash.

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I found cryptocurrency in the course of the epic bull run of December of 2019 and have been hooked ever since. Since then I’ve been researching the numerous areas of crypto, primarily LOW CAP ALTCOINS. The purpose of this channel is to advertise cryptocurrency consciousness, schooling, security and threat administration suggestions from the newbie purchaser to the seasoned altcoin veteran. This channel is the place to be if you wish to keep knowledgeable on all the newest LOW CAP ALTCOINS.
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This is just not monetary recommendation. Please be accountable. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses appreciable threat of loss. The speaker doesn’t assure any specific consequence. Past efficiency doesn’t point out future outcomes. This info is what was discovered publicly on the web. Please take this info and do your individual analysis.

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  1. This piecemeal clone coin will never be anywhere top 10. I feel a little bad for the suckers who will fall for this blatant pipedream. Cover the fact that they intentionally blew their total supply in 1 month back when it was originally Proof-of-Work. Sure, now they are PoS 3e which is a more fair way of doing PoS. But Congrats.. maybe you got suckered into buying 10 million coins.. those original 28Billion holders earn so much more they can dump on your head anytime. The community focuses too ,much time getting on more exchanges. Because two of the exchanges they have been on in the past got hacked or exit scammed. The coin has little volume, on exchanges that frequently do $0 a day. The problem is they aren't on enough exchanges… it's that there's not enough new suckers who have drank the kool-ade. Six months ago everyone had waited months for Masternodes and atomic swaps. They decided to not do a masternode system, but the support is there. So nothing. And Atomic swaps have meant nothing. Atomic swaps may help when ElectraPay starts doing something. But mobile wallets and mobile payment systems have been done by many other projects. ElectraPay is a highly centralized system, And you can't stake with the mobile wallet. They have a few thousand ATMs around the world… big whoop, nobody's going to drive 100 miles out of their way to buy at a premium what they could from a shitcoin exchange.
    The only reason to buy this is on a gamble, buy 1-2Million, and wait for it to rise 1-2 sats, then sell it. But, have those orders placed shortly after you buy.

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